Japanese car wash
So I was walking down the street today and I saw someone actually using the car wash at the gas station. I took a picture of it because it is significantly different than any car wash I have ever seen in America. In the interest of saving space I imagine, the car wash is not a tunnel that you drive your car through like it is in America. Instead, it is a little sleeve that moves back and forth over your car on little tracks set into the ground. Various brushes and sprays pop out from the inside and the machine and scrape the paint off of your car. I think it's a neat little device. The weirdest thing about this picture is that fact that it was raining when I took it. Who washes their car in the rain? In America I have heard of gas stations which actually give refunds if it rains right after you wash your car. Who is this weirdo spending over $20 (yes of course it is that expensive; this is Japan.) to wash his very crappy old car on a rainy day? I mean, there's friggin' typhoons lined up across the Pacific, and this guy's washing his car?

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