Well, today was the last day of summer school for me. I don't mind teaching summer school actually, because I like the kids. Summer school is usually not as rigorous as regular classes, so I can have more fun and fool around more. This year, I got a really easy job for summer school. It was rough for the kids though. They were given an hour to do self study on a certain range, and then given a test on that material in the next hour. This pattern was repeated for all the major subjects. So all I had to do was pass out prints and watch the study for an hour, while of course engaging in eraser-throwing and other various shenanigans, or I had to sit and watch them take tests.

And then after that was guitar club practice for 5 hours. That was pretty tiring but also enjoyable. I don't even mind coming into school on all my days off, because it's better than hanging around my house. The kids are at least nice to me and treat me like a human being.

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