Well, we are having super heat here in Japan right now. Today it was over 40 degrees in a lot of places. My hometown of Koshigaya got to 38.8. That's a lot hotter than usual. First thing in the morning, we got up and went to a park about 30 minutes from here. They have a water maze where the walls are made from fountains and can change around at random. Of course, the kids just ran through them all, disregarding the maze aspect of it completely. But they had fun. Then, rode horses at the little pony park next to the maze. We also gave them some carrots. It was all very domestic and cute, but the best part of it was that it was over by 10AM. There was some random bitching, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Overall, I'm pretty nervous because it is obon week now and that means I don't have club for 9 straight days. I am definitely going go to go crazy hanging out here for over a week.

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