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Here's another view of the famous Shinkyo Bridge. They want 500 yen to cross this bridge, because it's so damned sacred. It used to be that only the Emperor could use the bridge. Now they have a special platform on the bridge, so that common people's feet don't touch the bridge. But the worst part is that you can't actually cross! The bridge is blocked at the side that is on the right in the photo, to prevent people from getting onto the bridge without paying the 500 yen. Okay, the actual worst part is that bridge ends at a road, and by blocking off the end of the bridge, everyone trying to walk to Nikko has to walk in traffic, as cars are coming around a curvy mountain road with little time to see you and avoid running you down.

Tags: Japan Nikko
Date taken: 03 Jan 2006, 10:27:38AM

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