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At Kinkakuji, one thing that you can do with special arrangements is copy a Buddhist sutra and offer it to the gods there. They get you together with an instructor who fills you in on some of the basics and gives you a choice of some different sutras to write. You get a piece of writing paper with the sutra lightly written on it, so all you are really doing is inking it in. My dad of course couldn't write three kanji to save his life (unless someone tells him how easy 1, 2, and 3 are), but he can trace like nobody's business. So his came out pretty good. Of course, the temple immediately burns them so it's not so important that it is skillfully written. You are supposed to write it with your wishes in your heart. Of course, my dad was wishing for a new camera.

Tags: Japan kyoto buddhism calligraphy
Date taken: 05 Jan 2006, 1:56:51PM

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