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Warp Game
08 Jun 2005, 12:37:11AM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School club
  • Juku/small Junior High group
  • High School/advanced
  • Adult

Materials: warp game sheet, dice, timer, player pieces, vocabulary list, category list, questions

Files: warpgame.pdf,

The Warp Game is a board game that reminds me of Chutes and Ladders to some extent, except instead of Chutes and Ladders all over the board, there are only the warps. Players take turns rolling the dice and advancing towards the finish, which is square 64. If the player lands on a warp square, they will have an opportunity to jump ahead or fall behind. If you land on a forward warp, you have to complete the challenge to follow the warp. If it is a downward warp, you have to complete the challenge to avoid being sent back. The four challenges are as follows:

  • L - Give five words starting with a randomly chosen letter.
  • C - Give five words in a randomly chosen category.
  • Q - Answer a question in the time limit.
  • V - Define a vocabulary word.

There are also "A" squares, which mean the player can roll again, and "X" squares, which mean the player loses a turn. Obviously, you can vary the vocabulary, the questions, the time limits, or anything else in order to adjust the level to suit your group. I think it's a good game to play before a test because it incorporates a lot of different things which may have been studied throughout the year.

  1. sports
  2. foods
  3. drinks
  4. plants
  5. animals
  6. fruits
  7. moods
  8. colors
  9. body parts
  10. weather
  11. verbs