Educational Materials

Birthday Bingo
10 Jun 2005, 10:32:13AM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School all-day
  • Junior High first grade

Materials: 4x4 bingo sheet, cards for writing down birthdays

Files: bingo-generic.pdf,

Good for teaching kids months and days. First practice the names of the months, January, February, etc. Then practice how to say the days of the month, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. Then pass out the cards, have each kid write down their own birthday, and collect the cards. Next pass out the bingo sheets and have each kid fill out the blanks with the names of their friends (or just other people) in the class. Then, pull out the birthday cards at random and start reading the birthdays. Whoever's birthday it is has to stand up and say, "That's my birthday!" then everyone who has that person's name can circle it, and try to get bingo that way.