Educational Materials

Banana Game
10 Jun 2005, 3:50:15PM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School club
  • Juku/small Junior High group

Materials: little pictures of bananas


Teach the kids a small set of vocabulary, like six or ten words. Fruits or animals or stuff like that. Each person has three bananas to start with, and they write one of the words on the back of each of their bananas. After this, the students can either wander around, or you can sit in a circle and play it like Go Fish. One student with ask another, "Do you like ~~?" out of the set of words for the day. If the asked student has it written on one of the bananas, he gives the banana to the asker. Students who run out of bananas are out of the game, until only one is left and cane be declared the winner, or until a set time limit passes and the student with the most bananas is the winner.