Educational Materials

Ways of moving/face parts game
14 Jul 2005, 12:11:49AM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School all-day
  • Elementary School club
  • Juku/small Junior High group

Materials: cards with various ways of moving, blackboard


This game is good for elementary school and helps you teach vocabulary regarding ways of moving, such as walk, run, swim, jump and so on. First make some cards with whatever vocabulary you want to the kids to learn, and teach the kids to read it. Divide the class, and the cards, into two teams and line them up at the end of the room opposite the blackboard. Put the cards on the floor in front of the two lines. Write a list of the parts of the face on the black board. When you say start, the first student from each team will take the top card from the pile on the floor infront of them, and move to the blackboard in that manner, i.e. running or swimming or clapping hands. Then they have to draw the first part of the face on the board and return in the same manner. If the player doesn't move correctly or draws the wrong body part, their whole drawing gets erased and they have to start over. Play continues like this until one team has drawn the whole face.