Educational Materials

Island Pictionary game
05 Sep 2005, 8:51:38PM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School all-day
  • Elementary School club
  • Adult

Materials: pictionary words, timer


It's pictionary with islands. First divide your participants into 2 or more teams, probably not exceeding 6 or 7 people per team. Arrange some chairs to form an island for each team, and then stand all the people on the islands. It is usual to use one chair per person at the start, but there's no strict rule about this. Then, play pictionary. They AET has to draw while the teacher keeps track of who answers first. IF you have two teams, the team that failed to answer correctly losees a chair. If you have more than two teams, the team that answered correctly gets to choose another team to lose a chair. When an island gets too small to stay on and someone falls off, that team is eliminated until there is a winner.