Educational Materials

Body Parts Dominoes
08 Nov 2005, 11:22:42AM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School club
  • Juku/small Junior High group

Materials: Cards with lots of body parts on them


Best played with 3-5 people. First, prepare a lot of cards, with one each for as many body parts as you want to include, depending on the level. Include internal organs as well, and be sure to divide them up as "left eye/right eye" and so on. It's also helpful if you prepare a map detailing what body parts are connected to what other body parts. Deal 3-4 cards to each player, and then turn the next card in the deck over. Playing in turn, anyone with a card that can connect to a card on the table can play that card. For example, if "left foot" is the first card turned over, than a player holding "toes" or "left leg" can play that card, but a player holding "left eye" or "right foot" is forced to pass. If player passes, he can take one more card from the pile, but cannot play that card immediately if it is playable. Players get 1 point for each card they are able to play.

Optional Rules:

  • If a player is able to play all their cards, they may take cards from the deck one at a time, and play them as long as they are playable. Or you can play so that the game ends when one player gets rid of all their cards.

  • You can assign point values to the cards, so that some cards are worth 2 or 3 points depending on how difficult they are to play.

  • If you don't write the names of the parts on the cards, you can make earning a point contingent on being able to say the name of the card when you play it. Either way, the players should say the name of the part when they play it.

  • A player who draws the "head" or "body" card in the initial deal can play first, even if it doesn't connect to the card flipped over from the deck. "body" takes precedence over "head."