Educational Materials

Color and Shape Chaos!
08 Nov 2005, 11:37:24AM

Grade Level:


  • Elementary School all-day

Materials: cards of all the various colors and shapes, a big room.


This game cannot be played in a class room and requires a large activity room. First prepare several cards of each color-shape combination. That is to say, make 4 "purple triangles" and four "red squares" and four "red circles" and so on. After teaching the kids all the colors and shapes, divide them up into 3 or 4 groups, so that everyone will get a chance in the chaos. Distribute all the shapes on the floor of the room at one end, spread out fairly wide. Line up the groups at the other end. Say a color and a shape and let the first group loose to retrieve the four matching cards. Repeat several times with all of the groups. After a while, you can declare the kids with several cards to be the champions, and then let only kids with no cards do it for a while, until all the kids get a card.